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Scorched Earth: Subversive Ceramics

Can a cup be revolutionary? In this turbulent time in our society, what is subversive to one may not be to another. Ceramics are often viewed as utilitarian, and not considered political art. When given the mission to create cups that either subvert the form, or provide subversive messages, what will appear?

Clay is more than just dinnerware and coffee mugs, it's a medium of dissent as well. Contemporary ceramics are increasingly confronting societal issues and becoming more rebellious in nature. Oklahoma artists are rewriting narratives of power, questioning gender norms, and creating commentary on this supercharged political environment.

Confirmed Artists:

Mariah Addis, Stuart Asprey, Juan Barroso, Krystle Brewer, Lydia Cheshewalla, Chase Kahwinhut Earles, Dan Harris, Kathleen Hazelton, Mandy Messina, Katie Pendley, Amy Sanders, David Stevens, Nissy Tarver, Jarica Walsh, Tim Walsh

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