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Inclusion In Art Exhibition


Inclusion in Art’s mentorship program is a year long project where artists of color are provided

with the tools and resources to successfully engage Oklahoma’s visual arts community.

Including but not limited to: The opportunity to develop a strong body of work through feedback

and studio visits, identifying resources available to visual artists locally and nationally,

connecting with seasoned artists that inspire them, guidance in writing grants and artist

statements and the opportunity to have their work showcased at a prominent gallery space.

Members -- Amena Butler, Suzanne Thomas, Randall Barnes and Bryon Perdue Jr - guide

mentorship artists based on individual needs in order to give them the best opportunity to

continue accessing the community after the program is complete. The Inclusion in Art

mentorship program is an opportunity held annually for both student and emerging artists of



Inclusion in Art is dedicated to promoting racial and cultural diversity in Oklahoma’s visual arts

community through exhibitions, workshops, creative projects and lectures.

Inclusion in Art continues to support artists of color by connecting communities through socially

conscious presentations that challenge the mind and embrace progressive thought.