George Oswalt

Weightlessness, loss, beauty, life transitions--Body Myths. This series is about the seen and the unseen, visual components of metaphor and fictional events performed by the characters in the paintings. Human interactions are essentially performances designed to make an impression on whoever is listening or watching. It is through such performances that the persona or social identity is developed. These paintings are performances. Vivid colors, twisted bodies. Attempts to make a visual impression that will linger. The imagery in the work is intended to take the viewer on a visual journey. The twists and turns of representational and abstract styles become metaphors of time and space for significant turning points in life. Much like the devices used by the screen writer to develop and drive the story to its conclusion, these plot points take you to existential voids. Or not. Meaning is the mystery, the enigma to be solved. "The mask, in time, becomes the face itself." In the end all that is left is the Mask.