In an ongoing effort to strengthen the local literary culture, Literati Press Comics & Novels has opened a bookshop in the historic Paseo Plunge. Renovations are still ongoing, but we have set up a little nook in the entryway with a longterm plan of building a bigger shop in the communal area of the first floor in the very near future. The Literati Press Bookshop is community-curated, so every title has been hand-picked by a local writer and/or avid reader and features a bookmark with a quote from the vetter explaining why the book deserves to be read.  They will carry classics, modern fiction, graphic novels, and other great stories that have helped inspire local writers and readers to keep one the most engaging and important art forms alive and well in Oklahoma. Don’t forget to ask about the Legacy Return Policy.

HOURS: 11am-2pm Tuesday & Wednesday, 11am-6pm Thursday-Saturday

Hours will extend once the first floor is finished.