Jennifer Woods and David Woods
to Dec 31

Jennifer Woods and David Woods

Jennifer Woods

The highlight of my morning as a child was picking a piece of jewelry to wear from my grandmother’s jewelry.  To this day, i can remember the excitement of choosing a piece based on how I felt at that moment, what spoke to me, and what I wanted to convey to the rest of the world.  Even at the young of age 5, I was able to adorn myself with necklaces and rings and allowed to express myself using jewelry as my medium.  

When someone wears a piece of my jewelry, I can only hope it brings about the same feeling of excitement I had as a child and enables them to convey to the world how they feel on that day, at that very moment. 

Look for 4 new jewelry lines from Jennifer Woods Jewelry set to debut in the Transient Gallery in July, 2016.  Jennifer specializes in sterling silver jewelry with semiprecious stones, up-cycled pieces using found objects and vintage elements, a Bohemian collection, and a more upscale, Luxe line.  

David Woods

David is a local graphic designer with 15 years of design experience.  Graduating from UCO in 2001, he has done work for some of the most awesome local companies including Myriad Botanical Gardens, Deluxe Winter Market, Paseo Plunge, Holistic Birthing Services, and the Spy, just to name a few.  When he’s not helping his wife make jewelry, he designs posters and prints, and designs and makes tables and T-shirts.  Besides art, He enjoys 70’s Soul music, playing his guitar, and hanging out with his awesome family.  Come and see his latest works at the Transient Gallery in July of 2016.  

Jennifer and David Woods met in 1996 at UCO and have literally barely spent a moment apart since.  Their only main goals in life are to raise their children to be smart, kind, and to always question authority and to own their own business together.   

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Tony Thunder
to Aug 31

Tony Thunder

Instagram: @tonythunder89

26 years old from Moore, Oklahoma. Self taught artist, illustrator, graphic artist and father.

Tony Thunder is one of the region's artistic gems. His outright abolishment of traditional themes, styles and mediums act as a refreshing punch in the face the art world needs — especially in the Midwest. While many people hone in on one medium and media, Tony exploits all types of influences and uses any and every tool he can get his hands on. From spray painted backgrounds overlaid with crisp black line work to vector illustrations with finessed typography, Tony doesn't sequester himself into one genre. Tony's ability to accomplish commercial graphic design and fine art shows his ability to adapt to the chosen platform, making him a Swiss Army knife type of artist. Among the many abilities Tony possesses, one stands out from the rest, which are his chosen themes. Inspired by skate culture, internet memes, counterculture, humor, darkness, apocalyptic scenarios and just about everything you never thought of, Tony's work hits you in the face with polished themes that leave you questioning, "How did he even think of that?" His work is refreshing, always new, always polished and masterfully hand-crafted. Hang your expectations at the door when entering his exhibitions because predictions are futile.

words by Kris Kanaly

Artist, Creative Director of StapleGun advertising agency

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to Jun 30

Undeveloped Area Farms

My work is in mixed media. Each piece takes the form of a skeletal articulation, which is sometimes paired with found objects. Typically these objects are of vintage, man-­made materials, but they can also include other types of organic matter. The result is a unique art object with an evocative story to tell.

I have been actively working on my art for the past three years. When I started out, the bones I used in each articulation were found where the animal died or sourced from reputable dealers. Now I am at the point in my career where I will also receive donations from friends and clients, some of whom commission specific pieces. These are people who have found specimens or raised an animal, usually a pet, that has passed. I also pick up roadkill and regularly take nature walks to find materials. Whenever an animal with intact flesh is acquired, I remove its hide and internal organs. Everything else is dehydrated. Then the carcass is placed in one of my Dermestid beetle colonies. The beetles strip the animal down to its bones. Once this step is complete, the skeleton is taken out, sterilized, and whitened. At this point the bones are ready to be reassembled in process is called articulating. Sometimes I will articulate the animal as they are found in nature, but I really like to anthropomorphize these creatures by posing them as if they are engaged in activities normally reserved for humans. Other times I will mix and match bones to create fantastical chimeras, hybrids that call to mind an old folktale, myth, or legend.

The inspiration for each piece can vary based on the materials I source. For example, an idea may come to me while I search vintage or antique stores, consider the display case I have to work with, or when I find something unusual in nature. Many times one little item may launch the construction of a whole scene. I’m also inspired by memorable literary characters, pop culture, everyday objects, and issues associated with living in a modern society.

Often an idea just clicks into place and the story generates itself. This is to say that when I start the articulation, it can take on a life of its own and veer wildly from the original plan. Sometimes it spawns ideas that cannot be portrayed as a single articulation because an involved narrative emerges for the character I’ve created. When that happens, I try not to get overly elaborate with the articulation. Rather, I flesh out the story just enough so that it conjures ideas and feelings with the use of specific objects in the composition. From there I leave it up to the viewer to absorb what is presented in the final scene and envision an entire backstory for themselves. I enjoy the various points of view that arise from taking this lightly ambiguous stance.

My primary goal is to challenge the perception that death and strange materials are too macabre and weird to be funny, whimsical, sometimes somber, and all­in­all thought provoking. If my art can elicit some kind of response from the viewer, then I achieved my goal.

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to May 31

Amanda Bradway

Opening 6-10pm Friday, May 6

The Paseo Plunge

3010 Paseo in Oklahoma City

There is power in Amanda Bradway's work. Her ethereal craftsmanship creates an otherworldly beauty that elevates paper, chains, crystals, and animal skulls into rapturous shrines and enchanted pendents. Bradway seems to embed within her art a current feeding off a greater, cosmic ocean and any one piece could possess something mystic and life-altering.

Such is the magic of art.

During her residency within the Transient Gallery, Bradway will be creating new work as she enters the next stage of her impressive career which includes large scale installations throughout Oklahoma, solo shows across the country, and the establishment of DNA Galleries which helped turn the Plaza District into one of the most vibrant business communities within the state. 

To help fill out the space, Bradway will be featuring a few of her other favorite fellow artists. 

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to Apr 30

Jaime Pettis


Jamie Pettis

Opening 6-10pm Friday, April 1

The Transient Gallery in The Paseo Plunge

3010 Paseo in Oklahoma City

Jaime Pettis is the talent behind the Brazen Wolf Art and Apparel line and is returning to Oklahoma for a one month pop-up studio in The Transient Gallery at The Paseo Plunge. Known for blending various elements of her broad artistic background to create energetic, visceral, and street-inspired work both on canvas and on her clothing line, Pettis has been expanding her professional brand across the country.  

The Transient Gallery is a studio space within The Plunge where artists spend a month creating and selling their work, giving Paseo audiences a glimpse of the growing community of professional creatives thriving within Oklahoma.

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